Being a single dad..

Outgrown My Stuff has partnered with Gingerbread to help those that need help at any stage of separation, or with any aspect of single parenthood to receive information.

The following links are provided with the permission of Gingerbread, and will take you to their site:

For advice on separation:

If you have separated or are thinking about separation, we have a wealth of information to help you.

Single Dads

Visit our single dads section for advice, stories and forums threads all relating to life as a single dad.

Emotional health

See our factsheet for advice on looking after your emotional health

Looking after your child

See our factsheet for advice on supporting your child in difficult situations.

Talking to other parents

Lots of single parents are sharing stories and giving each other support on our forum, and there are forum rooms which are dedicated to single dads. To use the forum you need to be signed in as a member, join for free today.

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