how to write an ad..

In this article it is our intention to assist you in your efforts to learn the best ways to:

1. Learn how to write an effective title

2. Learn how to write an informative description

1. Writing an effective title

It is essential that you create a great title and author a good description; your posting success depends on your creative thought process and your ability to grab attention while describing your posting with a clear picture. We have a simple ideology:

Great title + good description + good item = success.

Authoring an effective title for an item should increase your chances that users will find your item. If writing is not your forte here are some useful hints on how to write an effective title for your posting:

1. State exactly what the item is; even if your title repeats the category name.

2. State if the item is a brand or designer made product.

3. Specify the colour, size and special features of the item i.e. Limited Edition.

4. Specify the condition, model and year of the item.

5. Always use descriptive terms.

6. Do not use multiple synonyms or plurals. It's not needed for search and may make your title less attractive to buyers.

7. Do not include asterisks and punctuation marks.

8. Steer clear of using titles lacking search terms – such as Catch words like "wow", "cute "and "nice"are not terms buyers will search for, yet words including "new," "collectible," and "retro," may entice viewers.

9. Use correct spelling; but don't worry about creating a grammatically correct sentence.

10. Keep acronyms to a minimum.

11. Don't use all uppercase letters for entire sentences.

12. Use descriptive key words to clearly and accurately convey what you're selling.

13. You are allowed up to "xyz" characters, but you don't need to use them all. It's best to be short and concise.

14. Limit the number and types of fonts you use; one or two fonts is ideal.

Do NOT use the following within your title:

1. False or misleading information.

2. Do NOT include Website addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers. **Your contact information will be requested when you place your items on the website. It then will be provided to the interested viewer, if they request.**

3. Do NOT use Profane, or obscene language. It is NOT permitted in any form.

4. Do NOT use these terms : Prohibited, Banned, Illegal or Outlawed.

5. Do NOT use any other descriptive words or terms that may bring into question the legality of an item by either governmental or Outgrown My Stuff standards and policies..

ONLY include the specific brand name used by the company that manufactured or produced the item you're posting. Don't include brand names other than that of the item; this is deemed as "keyword spamming" and it is not permitted on the Outgrown My Stuff web based site(s). These types of postings will be terminated immediately without notice.

2. Writing an informative description

Your description is the best opportunity to provide browsers with more information about the item, and hopefully if your description is written well enough it will entice the browser to engage in communication with you.

Organize your information into flowing sentences with similar information grouped together allowing for continuity.

Start with the most important details that the viewer will need first, including: designer, make and model, size, shape and dimension, color(s), how old the product is, the date it was manufactured, the company/artist/author that made it, and notable features and markings.

Be clear about what is included: warranties etc. Make the description as readable as possible, use complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar. When you list your item, you will have the opportunity to select the condition of your item from a generated list:

- Used

- Slightly used

- Never used yet out of box

- New in the original packaging

We encourage you to reiterate the item's condition again, thus allowing you to specify how new, or how used the item is, and how the item was used. Be sure to mention any flaws or repairs at this time.

What to avoid in your description

- A good example on what to avoid while creating a posting is to think about online dating. Would you be disappointed if you read a description of a possible ideal mate, and then when you meet this mate he/she is nothing as described most people feel disappointed.

Follow these guidelines when writing your description so you will not disappoint others and set false expectations:

1. Do NOT write or communicate anything that isn't true.

2. Limit the number and types of fonts you use; we strongly encourage one font, with the usage of underlining key points within your description.

3. Do NOT include information unrelated to the item for sale.

4. Do NOT use colored backgrounds, this will make it more difficult to read the text on the page.

5. Do NOT use all uppercase letters, different fonts and font colors, and HTML. Your posting may be unreadable on mobile devices.

6. Do NOT insert pictures in your description, you will be able to upload them.

7. Do NOT include prohibited and restricted content.

8. Do NOT repeat information provided in other sections of your posting.

9. Do NOT include email addresses and links. This is to protect you from spammers and other nuisances. If the browser is interested in your posting they will be provided the information you entered to engage in direct communication with you.

10. Do NOT use item descriptions copied word-for-word from other sources (for example, ecommerce websites, other postings, manufacturer websites, etc.).

11. Do NOT create lengthy descriptions with fine print and surprises.

12. Do NOT include trademarked logos, unless you have permission to use them.

To assist you, we have provided a few examples of ideal titles and descriptions:

Example 1

For Sale, a slightly used, Limited Edition 2012 RAD all terrain blue stroller.

- Purchased brand-new this year, newest model, and limited edition

- Only used a few times, (we received another from a baby shower.)

- Folds easy, three wheels with rear wheels detach

- Two cup holders, and storage space underneath

- Wheels lock and transforms into a running stroller

- Total weight is 12lbs, height is 3.2 feet

I'm happy to provide more pictures if requested.

Example 2

For Sale 20 Brand New, Ralph Lauren Children's Polo-Shirts, 2T-4T

For sale 20 brand new, never worn, short-sleeved Ralph Lauren Children's Polo Shirts, sizes 2T-4T, purchased out of the country for my son's soccer team, yet we never used them.

Sizes: 2T-4T Colors: 4 red, 4 blue, 4 yellow, 4 pink, 4 white Fabric: cotton