Foire aux Questions

The answers is NO – Outgrown My Stuff do not receive any monetary returns for our service in this capacity.
It is highly recommended that you do not transfer any monies for any items that you do not have possession of. The website does not engage or offer any transaction services in any form.
NO, within our terms of use and posting policy; it states that you are not permitted to post items across multiple sections.
The answer is YOU are 100% liable. We do not pre-screen, screen, examine, scrutinize, inspect or affirm the condition of any service provider, and/or any product that is offered on the website.
YES, we have a policy against this. OMS is not a dating or meeting website, any advertisements for this type of engagement will be deleted and you will not be permitted to return to the website.
We welcome advertisers to join the village, regardless of the size of your company and your location we are enabled to target niche markets by demographics this includes yet is not limited to: browsers by age, gender, location, operating systems that the browser uses on their computer and even by the type of mobile phone they use.
We comply with all governing laws that protect your privacy, and do not offer, sell, nor solicit your personal information in any capacity.
Your Ad is deactivated from the website after 60 days from the date it is listed. You will receive an email one week prior to the Ad being deleted and also on the day the Ad is removed.
Simply login to your account to remove your Ad.

Email our advertising sales team at, and they will find a solution that will be optimal for your company to be successful.