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Dr. Scott Richard Hollingsworth, attended Brigham Young University (BYU) in the State of Utah, where he completed a Bachelor's degree. He then attended Podiatric Medical School in the state of Iowa where he completed his Doctorates of Podiatric Medicine.

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I have a toddler who is 4 ½ years of age, and I found some shoes online, that are pre-worn and look brand new. I have been told that new shoes that are barely worn are okay if they were well taken care of, and I have also been told never to buy slightly used footwear. If I choose to buy slightly used shoes, what should I look? And is there a way to assure I can get rid of anything that could cause my son foot problems (warts, fungal infections) thank-you Doctor Hollingsworth.
– Pam mother of 4

Thank-you for your question, and I must state that your question is perfect for the purposes of this site.
Old shoes are fine, the shoes are a housing for our foot and as long as they are the right size it is fine. The wear on the soles of the shoe will advise you on how much “life” that are left in them.
I recommend putting antifungal powder within the inside of the shoes prior to wearing. These powder(s) can be found at almost all stores across the United States


Dr Hollingsworth,
my child has pain in his legs, should I have him checked, or is this normal?

Yes, do have him looked at, growing pains are aching in our legs that affect kids in their growing years that have uncorrected pronation, the muscles overwork as the body try's to protect itself, this causes inflammation on the tibia (also known as the shinbone or shankbone,) this usually occurs while resting after activity. This condition is resolved by identifying and correcting pronation


Dr Hollingsworth,
I am 32weeks pregnant and I have pain in my heels that comes and goes, do I need to see a foot doctor ?

Yes, due to you pregnancy (Congrats!) In addition to most likely having some edema your body is distributing your weight differently, causing your muscles to compensate. This can accelerate a common condition we treat -plantar fasciitis. This manifests as heel/arch pain that comes and goes, and most likely will manifest and become more progressive after rest (hence the feeling when you put your feet up, you will feel the aches more). This can only be treated effectively by a foot doctor by identifying the cause of the stress and correcting it. This condition is completely resolved when treated properly.

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