Diapers oh diapers & more diapers

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My children (I have four) went through many of the major brands of diapers, we had to switch constantly as some diapers caused agitation on their bum, and some caused chafing from rubbing against their skin, and a few simply didn’t fit well. So I cannot emphasize more on how important it is to try several brands before you commit, as almost all of them are made differently.

A baby uses a diaper around 6 times a day, now lets do the math:

A box 192 Diapers (Econ. Plus Pack) is $42.97 (on sale)

42.97 / 192 = 22.38 = 22.40¢  each

6 x 0.23 a day = 1.38$ for poop and pee per day for 32 days (192/6 = 32 days)


Do yourself a favor pick-up the phone and/or email the customer service departments of the diaper companies and request samples directly, they should be happy to send you some FREE samples as you will be buying boxes a month at a price between 25-45$ for three years, -Its in their best interest to connect. Also, most of the major brands offer online coupons in exchange for your personal information. I made an email account just for diaper coupons and other savings, consider doing the same.

We found our children’s brand at a wholesale store; the store was using one of the top three manufacturers and labeling the diapers with their own generic store brand.