Cost of Toys – Its Not Childs Play

It doesn’t take a professor in economics to understand that the money involved in the toy industry is not child’s play. – Hard facts affirm that the global toy manufactures generate enough revenue to give every person on the planet a piece of bread; or simply focus on eradicating child hunger . Don’t feel guilty in buying your children toys, our kids deserve to have toys, yet the system is unbalanced for investment and return.
With the Australia and the United Kingdom toping the list on monies spent per household in purchasing toys for children in the World. The North Americans are within the top for middle-class families according to the NDP Group the United States is in the upwards of 20 Billion in spending and increasing every year.
So many parents have contributed to the growth of the toy industry. If other methods in acquiring toys and items that are needed to care for a child, even slightly used, it would be better for our environment; and make economic sense.
-OMS Household Finance Contributor