About Us

As the saying goes "It takes a village to raise a child." We are that village, and we welcome you to live in the village with us for FREE. Within our village, you are allowed to offer items for a price, trade it, or give it away for FREE. Listing an item is FREE. In addition, within our village, our community provides several FREE resources and information.

A few of these resources include:

"Ask the expert" –This is a FREE section where you are able to post questions that are answered by an accredited professional within their field of expertise for FREE. If your question is selected, it will be answered from one of our panel of experts for FREE. Our panel includes professionals within medicine, dentistry, nutrition, counseling and education.

A "Parenting Blog" -This is a place where we enable parents to share their experiences with others, we also have forums allowing an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ask questions for FREE amongst peers and offer solutions for FREE. In addition, contributors to the forum will be randomly selected to test products, and asked to offer their insight on the products for everyone to read about.

“Evaluate your community” - Parents trust other parents before they will trust big corporations, and this is a section were parents that apply to be official contract bloggers for Outgrown My Stuff and blog their opinions based on first-hand information and experiences. The length the blogs and frequency are determined on an individual basis, and an expense account is provided, if your interested apply now by clicking here:

"Education" – Within this section you are able to find educational services, including yet not limited to: prep, pre, summer, tutoring, private, year-round schools within your local community, you are able to search for FREE.

"Activities" – Every child needs some form of activity, within this section search for FREE for camps, clubs, sports, arts and many other important activities that are occurring within the community. These activities may or may not charge a fee to participate.

"Events in your Community" -This is a section that you are permitted to list and see local events in your community on an interactive Calendar for FREE; all events listed are open to the general public.